WILD SOJOURNS is proud to be a part of a Panel Discussion organized in Jalpaiguri by SPOAR in collaboration with the Gorumara Wildlife Division, Forest Department, West Bengal to deliberate upon the ethics of current trends of photographing wild animals and birds. The discussion turned out to be immensely fruitful since it allowed various stakeholders to exchange their views on this sensitive yet crucial issue.

One important aspect which emerged from this panel discussion is the responsibility we all have towards saving the habitats and to refrain from any harm  inflicted on the animals while photographing in the wild. Through the exchange of opinions lots of positive recommendations were taken into consideration by the forest department which would be implemented in due time. It is important that we, the Wildlife Photographers should ensure that our actions do not cause harm to wildlife rather we can actually contribute in a significant way to the conservation of wildlife if we use a skill in a responsible and restrained manner.

Thanks to S.P. Pandey, Suvrajyoti Chatterjee, other member of SPOAR and Gorumara Wildlife Division, Forest Department, West Bengal for organising such an unique event in order to bridge the gap between the Department and the people. WILD SOJOURNS encourages this kind of initiatives and will keep on working for making the Earth a better and greener place to live.

Thank You

Megh Roy Choudhury, Ritesh Nangare and Prasanna AV