White-naped Tit

White-naped Tit (Parus nuchalis) is a rare catch one would envisage to sight on the trip to Kutch.  As for as I was concerned, it was a 'do or die' situation. This was one of the rarities, without which I was not willing to go back. Fortunately, we were based in the village of Motivirani, [...]

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Call of the Crested Bunting

Every birder has a wish list or a "must-see in a lifetime" list. Crested bunting is one bird which has caught my fancy and remained high on my list. This beautiful bird has it's famous abode at Sinhgad Fort, which is around 30 kms from Pune. It is imperative that you go to Sinhgad on [...]

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Greater Hoopoe Lark- A dream come true!!

Greater Hoopoe Lark(Alaemon alaudipes) is one of the most coveted species for any serious birder. It is the phantom of the desert and can prove to be a very tough customer to even sight. Leading birders have had to make multiple visits to bag this beauty. This bird is found in extreme desert environments, [...]

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The Jewel of the Western Ghats – Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher

I wait!! I wait with a bated breath!! I sit like a monk, in absolute silence, ensconced in a dream world. The sound of rain surrounds me with a harmonic drumming. Pearly droplets bounce off my skin, as sparkly and effervescent as champagne bubbles. Silver trickles of water fall and run down on the [...]

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